Privacy & Security

Is it safe to use my credit card for transactions with FlihDesigns.com?

Absolutely. FlihDesigns.com uses the latest technology from PayPal to encrypt the information.

Only PayPal and yourself will know your credit card number. FlihDesigns.com does not have access to this information.

We are very confident in our security measures; in case of fraud, FlihDesigns.com will refund the first 50$ that is not covered by your credit card company. That is our policy of guaranteed security.

What information is gathered by FlihDesigns.com?

FlihDesigns.com requires your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and telephone number. You must give this information when you place an order, participate in a contest or promotion and when filling out a survey. We also keep on file the statistics concerning the interest in our products as well as the nature of the purchases done online at FlihDesigns.com.

How will the information gathered by FlihDesigns.com be used?

The information gathered has many uses:

          1.When you make a purchase online, it is used for the transactions related to the orders.

          2.It is used to confirm your purchase and to answer your questions concerning all your transactions done on FlihDesigns.com.

          3.It is a way to keep you informed. When you register on FlihDesigns.com, you can accept to receive information about our products and choose to           participate in our contests, promotions or surveys.

          4.The information you provide concerning your interests and purchases helps us to upgrade the products we offer as well as personalize our service to you.

Will the personal information remain confidential?

FlihDesigns.com considers your information personal and confidential. With the exception of a unification, consolidation or total sale of FlihDesigns.com, no information will be shared, borrowed, sold or divulged without your permission or legal request.

By gathering this information, FlihDesigns.com follows the changes in fashion trends, the consumer’s present interests as well as other market perspectives. All the information gathered on the FlihDesigns.com site will be used privately and confidentially.