Patrick J. Rice is the Owner and Designer of FLIH exquisite swimwear. He received his B.A from University of Alabama and eventually earned a spot as a Men Merchant for four years in the retail fashion industry for banana republic. Patrick decided it was time for a change in scenery and relocated to Atlanta Georgia to attend Bauder college school of fashion Design.  . Although he already had a natural talent for sewing and a great eye for designing, he wanted to expand his knowledge and get a true understanding in the fashion world with pattern making, color schemes, and draping. In addition to FliH Swimwear, He has modeled in numerous fashion shows, styled upcoming artist and celebrities.

He currently resides in Atlanta Georgia.

patrick j rice

"my aspirations in life are to step fully and completely into my path with heart, live a meaningful conscientious life without regrets while exuding compassion and creativity

my swimwear is designed to inspire men to be as sexy and free as they want to be no matter their size, complexion, or journey in life"